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The Value of a Name

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Your Ability to Build Wealth is in Direct Correlation to Your Name. Your name speaks to you and the world on what your value is! Just say your name, what image do you see? It speaks and its loud!

My name, Sandra, is a derivative from the sir name Alexander. Alexander means "a helper of mankind." That's it, that's who I am "a helper of mankind." Knowing this information gave me a lot of insight to who I am and what makes me tick. I can remember the most satisfying times of life have been when I was helping someone. Now, helping someone for me is not like Mother Theresa. Going around doing good and being selfless is not what gets me excited. I have no desire to go on missionary trips or join the peace corp. For me my satisfaction came where I helped people through the means of teaching. I can remember as a young woman, people telling me that I should be a teacher. At that time, I had other dreams popping around in my head. So I tried several different jobs, none of them left me feeling satisfied at the end of the day. Finally, I settled in at a job where I worked for 31 years. How did I stay there? Well they paid very well which is always a good incentive and I found another way in expressing my need to teach. I had children. It wasn't until I came into Christ and my eyes were opened did I realize that my purpose and gifting was connected to my name. Now this wasn't a sudden realization like the Apostle Paul had on the road to Damascus. This was a gradual revelation for me. Probably because I had my own ideas what life should be. But now I see and I can tell you that teaching others about adding value to their lives to create wealth is the best high, exhilaration you can imagine.

You might be saying to yourself that your name doesn't have a good meaning. Well, change it. No I don't mean legally change although you could do that, but change the meaning of your name. How can you do that? Change your actions so that people see you different. There is a story in the bible about a young man named Jabez. Now Jabez means to bring pain. His mother named him so, because she bore him in pain. Everyone in the community knew that Jabez was a pain to his mother. His name became a part of every fiber of his being. People saw and treated him as a pain. This brought much sadness to Jabez's life. Jabez went before the Lord in prayer and asked for the Lord to bless him, enlarge his territory, and give him favor. The Lord granted Jabez's request. Jabez prospered and people no longer saw him as a pain but as a man who was favored by God. Jabez changed the meaning of his name. You have a gift and purpose in this life that should be reflected throughout everything you do. You need to find out what that is so that you might prosper and succeed in life. I believe Jabez's prayer had a lot to do with gifting and purpose. His name Jabez in which his mother gave him, contradicted the gifting and purpose in his life.

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