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About Me

I'm a retired postal worker who always loved finance.  That love of finance continued as I sought the scriptures and discovered that God had his own financial system that is filled with possibilities and includes everyone.

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My Vision

As a believer, raising two boys, I realized years ago that there was a disconnect between finances and biblical application.  I soon discovered that what I read and studied in the bible looked nothing like what I saw in my own personal finances.  This disturbed me mightily, so I sought the LORD for answers.  Through years of inquiry, I discovered that the disconnect occurred when the believer took the principles of the bible and attempted to live by the world’s system.  As I continued to seek the LORD, I was given a vision of a place where the believer could come and be taught God’s way of doing things, while having all their financial service needs met without compromising their spiritual values.  Portrush Financial Lifeboat Station was that vision.

Portrush now has a financial school, Cyrus School of Finance, where students are taught God’s Economy, Role of the Believer, Building Wealth and Sustaining Wealth.  That is why I am now offering classes online so that everyone has access to this breakthrough teaching.
Portrush also partners with financial professionals who offer services such as financial planning, life insurance, tax preparation, real estate, estate planning, and mortgage services.  You will find our partners are highly qualified individuals with a spirit of integrity and excellence.  Individuals who will work with you to accomplish your goals without compromising your spiritual values.

Portrush is a place where you can come and have all your financial needs met.  The name Portrush means a “promontory port” or a place for boats to dock.  We have created a place that everyone, no matter what shape your financial boat is in, can come and find refuge.  It is a place where you can come find peace and rest for your soul while your boat is being repaired, replenished, and equipped for your next journey.  
At Portrush, we believe that prosperity is a right, but that right does not come from the world but comes from God.

Who I Help

Everyone who believes that they have a God Given Right to Prosperity!

How I Do It

I love to see people achieve, so I share what God has given me through blogging and instruction.  See our blog and Cyrus School of Finance pages for more info.

What's in It for You

My students learn how to remove themselves from a failing system to a system that was built for their success.

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